"This page is devoted to my portrait photography. You can decide to have me create a painting from some of the photos I take, or you can simply purchase photos. I photograph people or pets in natural lighting which is the most flattering. The location of the photo shoot can be indoors next to an open window or anywhere, outdoors, you choose. It could be an urban setting, a park, a lake, or your backyard. It's important for the subject to feel comfortable. The best times for photo sessions are early morning or late afternoon. We can talk beforehand so I can offer tips and get to know you and the subject better. I'm most interested in photography that isn't always posed. I want to create photos that are candid and creative. This means, sometimes I'll capture the subject when they're looking away from the camera. This is the difference between photography and painting. Usually, in a painting, the subject is looking at the viewer - not so much in photography.

When our photo session is over, you will be able to view a private photo gallery on the internet of the photos we shot. They will already be retouched and edited. I will take out any imperfections."



My subjects include:

newborns (book prior to baby's arrival and as soon as possible. Let me know your due date so I can be prepared)
high school seniors
any age group
SPORTS EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHY >> football, horse shows, surfing, biking, tennis (there is no $100 non-refundable fee involved with these events. Otherwise, there is no difference in pricing. If you want photos larger than 20 x 24, contact Tommy).


Photo session tips: 

Clothes > Wear clothing that isn't too distracting from the subject's face. If the clothing has a pattern on the fabric, make sure it's a simple one. Typically, very young people are photographed showing plenty of skin areas. The older the subject, the more they should be covered up. Tutus are fine for small children. Petticoats are ok for older girls. You may bring more than one outfit to try on.

Props > Think of props that would be appropriate for the subject; a hat, a guitar, a football, an umbrella, or a book are all good additions. 

Colors > The color of clothing in a group shot is important. The clothes don't have to match, but the colors should be similar in tone, so that one person doesn't stand out too much. Dark clothing makes people appear slimmer than light clothing. Long sleeves are best for adults and older children. Bright colors are better for younger ages.

Hair > Do not schedule a photo shoot right after a haircut. This is especially true for children. You need to wait at least a week after a haircut. 

Make-up > Wear make-up that is appropriate for the clothing and style of portrait you want. Subtle make-up is best for most older girls.


Prices for Portrait Photography:

$100 non-refundable fee for a photo session / price good for up to 4 subjects ($15 for each additional subject)
Session fee is due within 7 days of booking to lock in your session date and current price.


Gift Prints:

5 x 7 & smaller = $15

8 x 10 = $25

8 wallets (same image) = $10

Coffee mugs, photo albums, fine art canvases > contact Tommy to get these made


Wall Portraits: (these are mounted and sprayed with a lustre finish for protection)

8 x 10 = $30

11 x 14 = $50

16 x 20 = $100

20 x 30 = $150

24 x 36 = $200



(one exception: you can purchase a digital CD of images for you to use as you please)


All ordered prints will only be available for re-orders for up to 3 months after the photo session.


Print and Digital Packages: (the following packages can save money over a la carte shopping)

Package A > $330

CD of 10 digital files created for 5 x 7 prints or smaller


Package B > $480

CD of ALL digital files created for 8 x 10 prints or smaller

15% discount on a la carte shopping


Package C > $400

10 gift prints

1  11 x 14 wall print

5 digital files created for 5 x 7 prints or smaller

5% discount on a la carte shopping


Package D > $625

10 gift prints

1  11 x 14 wall print

10 digital files created for 5 x 7 prints or smaller

1  5 x 5 mini custom photo album

10% discount on a la carte shopping


Package E > $1100

CD of ALL digital files from photo session created for 8 x 10 prints or smaller

1  10 x 10 custom photo album

2   6.5 x 6.5 grandparent books

1  20 x 30 gallery wrap canvas

15% discount on a la carte shopping


With any of these packages you will receive a signed paper permitting you to reproduce any Digital images you want.  If you purchased something other than a digital file, it cannot be reproduced or scanned.

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