Let's have a paint party!! Public or Private party. The image is pre-sketched for you on canvas! Tommy has been teaching paint parties, part time, for 6 years.
Public party attendees should scroll down this page to fill out the form and use paypal button. (Search for party name and click).
The host of a private party can provide Tommy with an image to be translated into a 2 hour acrylic version on canvas. This will become the painting that the students will be taught.  Every skill level is welcomed to attend the party! Bring food, drinks, plates and glassware and Tommy will take care of the rest. We will paint on a 16 x 20 inch canvas in acrylic paints. 
paint parties 

30 students maximum
$35 per student
Maybe you are not sure about what image to suggest for a private party. Some popular themes are: Florals, Holidays, Beach, Sports, Colleges, Fruits, Animals, Van Gogh, Mother's Day, Graduation, etc.  
Tommy brings high quality painting supplies and sound equipment to your party, including a PA system for a wireless microphone and music. 
If you are interested in hosting a private paint party with Tommy, please fill out the form below with your contact information and location for the party. Feel free to add your telephone number, as well. Then, we can set up a PayPal button with your party's name listed. Your friends can find the party's name and click the Paypal button to join the fun!

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(If you are drinking alcohol at the paint party, Tommy and his associates are not to be held accountable). 

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